Surface Mounted Tire Spikes

Roadshark Surface Mounted spike barriers allow vehicles to travel in one direction only. Our spring-loaded blades will flatten the tires of vehicles going the wrong way. Our SM models are also available with electric or pneumatic controllers for security applications. Roadshark SM barriers are easy to install and reliable.

Low Profile Tire Shredder

Roadshark Low Profile spike barriers allow vehicles to travel in one direction only. Also known as inground or flush mount, our LP model barriers prevent unauthorized access with the use of spring-loaded and counterbalanced blades.

Why Buy Roadshark?

We have been building traffic control systems for 13 years. Continuous Improvement has resulted in the development of the most reliable products on the market. We engineer durable products that are low maintenance. Customer satisfaction is our main goal.

MagnumSpike Spike Belt

Distributor of Magnum Spike police spike belts, also known as Spike Strips or Tire Deflation Devices(TDDs). MagnumSpike is a superior product with a proven track record, serving Law Enforcement, Department of Homeland Defence and military agencies since 1986. Contact us for a quotation.

Stop Police Pursuits

Present police tools are not effective. Since 1994, several Police Officers have lost their lives trying to deploy a portable spike belt. The permanently installed spike barrier ROADSHARK™ is hidden in the roadway and activated by the police remotely, using a secure activation system. Now there is a way to reduce pursuit tragedies at a modest cost.

Military Applications

Military Entrance & Exit Gate Applications. International Border Traffic Control Applications.

Roadshark Tire Shredder in Action!